Wednesday, March 07, 2012

EWF Recap

The Earth, Wind and Fire concert was last night, and fun times were definitely had. There was an old man who came in with his breathing machine and had trouble getting assisted to his seat (basically, the usher didn't do his damn job), so I, along with other paying customers, helped the old man out, so he could get to his seat and be as comfortable as possible. He was a big brother, too, so that, along with his breathing machine, presented quite the challenge. However, he wasn't about to miss some Earth, Wind and Fire and came in suited and booted, breathing machine and all.

Also, the concert was at the orchestra downtown, which was an element I took for granted. EWF played with an entire orchestra of musicians from home. It was pretty cool to witness. The only two things that could have made it better were the venue and the demographic. In regards to the venue, since it was at the orchestra, it wasn't exactly conducive to getting up and dancing and groovin' all night.

On top of that, I was sitting in a tier where the railing was so low and the seats were so close to the rail, that the only way I was gonna be able to groove was by moving a row up and being in the aisle (which is what I ended up doing).

As for the demographic, there were all sorts of people in there, but something tells me EWF didn't get as funky as I expected, due to playing to a particular crowd. It was still dope as hell, but you'd have to see it to truly understand it.

I remember reading Teddy Pendergrass' autobiography, and he wrote how when he was a part of Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes how the demographic of the crowd would determine their performance; it didn't determine the effort, because that was always there, but it did determine how their energy would be distributed.

I'm tired as hell now; drove from East Texas yesterday after work to Dallas to attend the concert, slept for about four hours, and then got back on the road to be in the gym before 6:30 this morning, and I'm at the job now. It was well worth it, though.

All in all, fun times were had, and I can finally say I've seen EWF live. I can only imagine what they were like in their prime, because even past their prime today, they put on an incredible show.

3/7/12 @ 9:22 A.M.

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joesimtre said...

Thanks for the update fam. I love the Elements. I know you did it big bro.