Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Random Thoughts During Sprang Break

When I tell you I've been CHILLING...that's what this Sprang Break has consisted of.

Waking up at noon, working out in the garage (being away from work = being away from the gym) and basically just going with the flow has been the M.O. so far.

Ms. R's so bad that I'm strongly considering letting the 'Sheed haircut/beard look go earlier than I planned. Granted, it's not going to change anything, but still. Besides, a wise person once said something along the lines that you gotta be ready for whatever.

Insanity is trying to kill me. Two days into Month Two is making the first month look like a walk in the park. It'll pay off, though. Nobody's gonna be able to tell me shit.

This is the first year I'm considering NOT making a bracket for March Madness.

Dr. Perry's book "Push Has Come To Shove" is sitting here waiting to be read. With all of this downtime, I think I'm gonna crack it open tonight.

I went to Rudy's last night and it was a riot as usual, simply just from going to pick up some chicken. I finally took V's advice and started a blog about it. Well, not exactly a blog, but it'll be in a series of notes I post on FB any time I head up there. If nothing else, they'll be entertaining.

That's all for now. I'm gonna spend the next two days in an undisclosed location, just for the hell of it. That'll be fun and just another way to continue to enjoy this break.

3/14/12 @ midnight.

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