Monday, September 15, 2008

Still Not Much To Say

Well, I'm currently at work, bored as hell. I'm halfway working/halfway looking at other blogs, and, as the title suggests, I still don't have much to say. Maybe because it's football season, and I'm so consumed by that right now, that nothing else is too much on my mind, in the form of creativity. The months of August to February are truly paradise for me. That, along with season three of The Wire, is doing it for me. I did take the time to check out A Family That Preys last night, and seeing my lady (Sanaa) like that, just so evil, was frightening.

Thank you to Krisaela, Don, Muze, and others for blogging relentlessly during my time of...creative despair, aka laziness, aka my creative stupor. You have done your service by keeping me entertained, giving me food for thought, and just being there, so thanks. I'll get back at it soon enough. Be easy.


Don said...

Yeah, I plan to check out the film this weekend. When you say you're lady are you speaking upon Sanaa? Man, what has Tyler Perry done to our girl. LOL. And I feel you on the football season - die-hard Saints fan here, and somewhat of a Cowboys fan.

Muze said...

yay a shout out! lol.

this is the first time since i've BEEN blogging that i have blogged almost every day. muy proud of myself. lol. glad you've been entertained. (even though you don't comment. punk. lol) i kid, i kid.

and man didn't you want to slap sanaa? whew i did. both times i went, the whole theater was yelling at her like she was in the room with us. lol.

i like football more than basketball, but i have nobody to watch the games with. :( no one i know likes football, so they always change it. unless my brother is home. lol.

Ed The Sports Fan said...

football is crazy and supposedly so is spike lee's new joint, great writeup fam.


J. McFly said...

Yeah football is crazy, especially my Cowboy's beating the Eagles Monday. Stop hating Ed, we America's Team. Kenny when you get bored remember will having something entertaining and educational for you (shameless plug).

Jaz said...

That film was good as hell! I wanted to slap some sense in that girl. Just like the typical TP film/play, everybody got what the deserved (good or bad). I'm happy somebody finally put it out there that the man you are sneaking around with will rarely leave his woman for you. More reason for me never to sign a pre-nump!