Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Your Eyes

Everyone has a set of 'em, yet they don't possess the powers of yours. One look from you can make the most trifling of man pick up a variety of chores; they can make someone who's already motivated pick up their hectic pace, and feel the urgency of needing to do more. They can help someone who can't swim and stuck in deep waters find the strength to make it back to shore. On top of that, they bring light to darkness, and allow a simple sight to be the complete opposite of a bore.

Maybe it isn't your intention to possess this kinda juice, yet I wouldn't blame you one bit to apply them for any kinda use. Whether its to spark conversation, or keep all attention squarely on you. Truth be told, if others had the ability, they'd do the exact same too. It's impossible to look into them and even attempt to tell any kind of lie; those reasons above, and more, are precisely why I love your eyes.

10/13/09 @ 2:13 P.M.

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