Friday, October 23, 2009

Soul Searching

...there's a lot of truth in a joke; someone can say something, and then say "awww, I was just jokin'/shittin'/messin' witcha," and while they were, there were also telling the truth. It's kinda fascinating, but also humbling. When the joke's on you, and you know what the person is saying is true, what do ya do? Depends on the context, I guess... would be so much easier to be a neanderthal, because it's expected, yet it's fulfilling to go against the grain. It can be hard, but the joy that comes from it outweighs the negative... there a feeling stronger than love, as it pertains to your feeling for another person? You like someone, come to adore them even, yet love isn't even an adequate word to describe the feeling...

...common courtesy is severely underrated. A simple "hello" to a stranger, opening a door for someone, or exchanging a smile when eye contact is shared, and not a bewildered look, is a lost art.

...there's a story in every book, and not just the one the author presents. There's even a piece of your own in there...

...everyone recovers on their own time; it's another reason why life can be so interesting, even if it doesn't work out in your favor. have self-esteem issues, too. The things some people constitute as being manly, some look at with shame, especially if we've bought into the hype before. Double-standards, as it goes for men and women, are not what that is...

...eliminating my own hypocrisy has been a challenge, but it's one I'm striving for, and one I'll attempt to do for as long as the Lord blesses me with life; I'll keep trying to eliminate it, forever and a day.

...exchanging greetings with one of my heroes recently, The Great Dr. Cornel West.

Be easy.

10/23/09 @ 4:53 P.M.

Photo by Clifton Henri


Don said...

cool @ exchanging greetings with another real and supremely educated brother like dr. cornel west

i love when i soul search. there's just something about the feeling afterwards

preach @....common courtesy is severely underrated.

Ed The Sports Fan said...

this is dope bro, glad you got to see Cornel.

and jokes are the worst/greatest forms of truth telling ever.