Wednesday, October 21, 2009


1) a casual photograph taken with a hand-held camera.

...first-ever crush was in the 3rd grade @ eight years old. Nearly 20 years later, we're still friends, and believe, I don't call everyone that knows my first name, and mine theirs, a friend.

...speaking of which, the word "friend" is overused. It's perfectly cool for folks to not be your friend; in the words of Joppy from Devil in a Blue Dress, that's "just somebody I know." Nothing bad; just aint a friend...and that's fine.

...lost my virginity @ 18. I didn't even wanna do it; just felt like the thing to do.

...fell in love @ 20. Back then, it was in its most raw form; no thinking, just doing. know when people say "you can love someone enough and be selfless enough to leave them, before you hurt them?" I realize what that means now, first-hand.

...I love women. For real, and it aint even about sex anymore. I love the way a woman walks and talks; like how they smile, stand, frown, peer, tilt their head, glance, stare at nothing, look away, all that shit. I flirt like a motherfucker, but the wildest thing is everything I say to a woman is 100% genuine. I just don't act on the stuff I say these much.

...judging is for God only. People should just shut the fuck up and live. If you wanna read someone's life story, go buy their autobiography. Folks will be more than happy to tell it to you, if you shut up long enough to listen., especially brothers, should treat ourselves better. Get some self-respect; find joy in something; as much as I dislike money as being a motivator, if that's what stimulates you, then go for it. Just be clear of steppin' on someone else to get it.

...if I took away the amount of women I had sex with "just because,"...Lord have mercy. It aint nothin' to take pride in.

...I hope women find pure, genuine and inner joy in themselves, and only seek the company of a man as a compliment, and not to fill a void. Easier said than done, and hopefully everyone can make the journey as useful as can be, with the time God gives us. With that journey, I just hope whoever women come into contact with treat them with love and respect. No matter what you've been through, you're still a queen. Don't let anyone treat or tell you different. what you said you would do, big or small. Do it anyway. Your word is your bond. lessons are being learned in the most peculiar settings. I'm learning humility from watching high school kids play football. When some of these kids make a play, and just walk down the field, and keep from showboating, and lettin' everyone know how great they are, it tells me two things: 1. they got good people in the corner, and 2. act like you already know you're good. Let your deeds show it.

10/21/09 @ 1:29 A.M.


Kay C, The Quiet Storm said...

I hope women find pure, genuine and inner joy in themselves, and only seek the company of a man as a compliment, and not to fill a void.

Such truth. It took me way too long to find my inner joy. Now that I've found it people seem to be drawn to it in droves causing me to really be careful about who I share my time with.

Often times we see that as arrogance. A 'please don't waste my time' approach for me is saying my time is very precious and I hope to stay happy for as long as I can.

BrownEyedPanther said...

Very nice write. I enjoyed the entire thing, especially the parts about men treating each other better (I think women can learn from that as well) and women learning how to love themselves.

I'll admit I suffer with the ability to love myself, but I'm learning. Again, I throughly enjoyed this.

KellyAnn said...

I have read this post a few times. I was reminded of why I enjoyed your presence...Your intellect

virtue5 said...

i really enjoyed this one :)