Thursday, October 29, 2009


...the picture right here? Yup, that's far from what I'm doing right now. Can't sleep worth a shit tonight; well, this morning.

...Longing to Tell is an amazing book. As a man, it shakes me up to read some of the tales of the women who were courageous enough to tell their story.

...recently re-connected with an old buddy, via phone last week, while I was on my voyage across the highways. It was one of those "pinch-yourself-to-see-if-this-is-real" phone calls. In our own unorthodox way, we keep up with each other, yet keep a healthy distance. In this particular case, it's better than not communicating at all. strange is it to come across someone, and when you explore a lil bit, they're actually more fly than you originally thought? is always good, and even when it aint goin' that great, I'll probably tell you it's good anyway. God is good, and the fact that I'm even able to type this is living proof. Be thankful for everything.

10/29/09 @ 5:22 A.M.


Don said...

Yep, have to remain thankful for the blesing itself. Always and forever even when we undergo heartache amongst the gift.

virtue5 said...

go to bed.

Reggie said...

Life is good and life is precious if you allow it to be. Nothing warms my heart like a good book and that's what I indulge in when I can't sleep at night.