Friday, October 16, 2009

Right Choice

Upon first glance, it was evident the right choice was made. All the days and miles were all worth the while. The fatigue that was present left my body, the moment I saw your smile. Despite the darkness of the night, it lit up the sky for all who were fortunate enough to see, and even though nothing occured yet, I already had a feeling of how our time together was gonna be.

Over time, the creative side of yours has come out, along with a sense of compassion when life doesn't go your way. And even when the cards dealt aren't in your favor, you still make it a point to never let it affect anyone else's day. It doesn't matter if you're with your crew or all on your own; you still have the ability to shine, which time and events have truly shown.

Laughter is still shared anytime you say you know how to dance, because there's never been any proof, but if there's one thing to know about you, is if you say you can do something, your skills are probably through-the-roof. All jokes aside, you deserve all the good that life presents, because you make it a point to keep it real. It'll continue to be evident that whoever steps to you better check your resume, because you most certainly are a big deal.

10/16/09 @ 4:51 P.M.
Photo by Clifton Henri

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